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Before returning to college to pursue a degree in Elementary Education (K-6), I enjoyed working in the medical profession as a Surgical Technologist (operating room doctors assistant) and as an Ophthalmic Assistant (medical technician for eye doctors). I decided to return to school to become a teacher after realizing that the part of my jobs I enjoyed most, was teaching patients of all ages and backgrounds about their medical conditions and the procedures they would have to go through to become healthy again, and training new employees and students.
I decided to focus on teaching children, particularly middle school students because of the challenges they face with trying to focus on learning while maintaining peer relationships. Being a child who is physically and mentally nearing the transition into young-adulthood while trying to overcome peer pressure and preserve identity and individuality is difficult but possible. I survived without giving in to middle school pressures and I believe I can help others do the same.
This school term, I plan to enrich your child’s learning experience by incorporating inquiry based learning and project based inquiry science through hands on experiences (labs) for all major science concepts that are part of the 6th grade curriculum. Learning can and will be fun!
Myself as well are my class room is free of foods containing all major allergens including peanuts, wheat, gluten, and dairy.

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Contact Information


Phone Number: 980-343-5006 *It is best to contact me through email.

Education:Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education (K-6) Belmont Abbey CollegeCertification in Ophthalmic Assisting University of South Carolina Eye Institute (OJT /Home Study)Certification in Surgical Technology Bloomington Hospital Education Department

Special Areas of Interest:Inquiry Based LearningSpaceAnatomy and PhysiologyBiologyHealth and WellnessSurgical Procedures