1. Do NOT touch, handle or manipulate any lab supplies in any way, at any time until told to do so even if it is on your desk.

  2. After entering the classroom IMMEDIATELY sit down and clear your desk. You should not place anything on your desk except paper (science notebook), two pencils or pens and your agenda.

  3. Do NOT move away from an assigned seat during class unless told to do so.

  4. Do NOT walk with lab supplies during lab/class without instruction or permission.

NO talking, passing objects, or making gestures of any kind during quizzes or tests. Failure to follow this rule for any reason will result in a failing grade for the students involved.
No books, notes, internet sites or other resources content or non content related should be in view during quizzes or tests without permission from the teacher. Failure to follow this rule will result in a zero and students will not be allowed to retake the assessment.

*Sharpen pencils during warm up. (The first 15-20 minutes of class after I have finished giving instructions, or as soon as you enter the room during period/ block transition.) Always have an extra writing utensil. You will not be allowed to interrupt class to ask for something to write with or to sharpen a pencil.

*Students in need of something to write with should ask before class starts (as soon as I enter the room when transition is complete). Be prepared to give me a shoe or something else important to hold onto to ensure that all borrowed supplied are returned at the end of class. You should not expect to borrow supplies daily!

Procedures** bookhead.jpg

  1. Lab roles will be assigned either by volunteer or electronic choice/teacher's choice.
  2. Dismissal and class movement will be done according to table (assigned seating) and as directed by the teacher.

  3. Class will not be dismissed until all areas of the classroom have been cleaned and the classroom is silent.

  4. If a restroom emergency arises, just get up and go, don't wait for me to give you a pass!

*Southwest Middle School rules state no passes including restroom passes in the first and last 15 minutes of class.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Rules